Stress can cancel out the benefits of healthy diet

According to the new research from Ohio State University has unveiled that stress can damage even the healthiest of diets. The study done on several women showed that nutrients tend to have the lesser benefit on the women who are too stressed in terms of the same amount of nutrients consumed compared to those who don’t experience stress.

Janice Kiecolt-Glaser from Wexner Medical Center has shared that there is a link between stress and food, also told that stress changes the way body processes food. This latest study is too supported from previous researches which also stated that a stressful day tends to lower the person’s metabolic rate and also increases insulin level.

In the study, the researchers recruited 58 healthy women with average age of 53 years, to see the link between stress and food. They were asked to eat two separate but similar looking breakfasts containing around 930 calories and high fat of 60 grams of eggs, turkey, gravy and biscuits. One of the groups was served breakfast in a typical fast food way  which had saturated fat version as it was prepared in butter, majorly of animal source and the remaining women got the same breakfast which had an unsaturated fat version, primarily sunflower oil.

The blood was drawn from these two groups of women, before and after theeir meals to measure four different markers of inflammation. The researchers noticed that women were not having stress they had better blood test results after having monounsaturated fat breakfast when compared with the saturated fat breakfast. In the case of stressed out women, when they had the unsaturated fat meal, it physiologically looked like they have consumed the high saturated fat, said Kiecolt-Glaser.

In the real world, this study and findings suggest, even a woman’s smart dietary choices may not be enough to cancel out the harm done by a day of frantic juggling. Curiously, among women who got the fast-food breakfast high in saturated fat, prior-day stresses did not drive inflammation markers still higher: It seems, said Kiecolt-Glaser, that a mega-dose of Western diet “basically saturated the system at that point.” Once your dietary choices push inflammation to those heights, the residual effects of a stressful day can’t push it any higher.

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