Obduction Trailer Full Of Beauty And Myst-ery

Ah, Myst. Famous for its complex puzzles and hidden, layered storytelling, Myst laid the groundwork for many aspects of other games, but rarely is there a game very similar to Myst. This year, though, we’ve already had exploration/puzzle games The Witness and Firewatch to pique our interest in the genre, so Cyan Studios’s trailer for Kickstarter-funded Obduction comes at the perfect time to hook us and draw us in:

Cyan Studios was responsible for the original Myst, as well as Riven and several other, similar games. Obduction begins with your (the player’s) abduction to an alien world, but it’s an alien world littered with bits of your own, familiar life on earth. Exploring the environment and solving puzzles with the items and information you find is the key to unraveling the mystery behind you. The game promises a beautiful world, a sense of discovery, puzzles of varying difficulties, and just the right amount of emotionally-appropriate music (the song in that trailer! Wow!) to grip you into the story.

Obduction was funded on Kickstarter way back in November of 2013, and is scheduled for release in June of 2016 for PC. It was originally set for a 2015 release, but delays are no surprise, especially in the world of Kickstarter. Still, June is not far away and the release of a polished trailer indicates that everything seems to be moving along just fine now. I’ll be looking forward to getting my exploration fix from Obduction later this year…even though the original Myst scared the crud out of me.

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