Nvidia Wants GeForce Now to be “Highest-Performing System” by Year End

GeForce Now launched last year in September with a $7.99 price tag, but the game streaming service did not really get a flying start. However, now Nvidia is pushing the platform towards mainstream by promoting their “Netflix of gaming” ideology.

Not only that, they have plans of bringing the service up to par by upgradations to their cloud data centers that are powering the whole program. Nvidia promises that by the year end, they will have moved from Kepler-based graphics processing units to Maxwell-based GPUs for the data centers.

In theory this means that the performance of GeForce Now should be doubled if not more.

Just to put things into the context here, right now their power stands at 150% as compared to an Xbox One. If their plans are successful, this will be a game streaming platform that is exactly three times faster than Microsoft’s latest gaming console!

The general manager of GeForce Now cloud gaming at Nvidia, Phil Eisler, boasts to become the highest performing platform out there by the end of this year:

It will be the highest-performing system that you can get access to in your living room by the end of the year.

Nvidia is also taking into account what type of audience they mostly have, and currently their best bet is on not only gamers but their families as well. Eisler says that “about half of our customers are millennial gamers, and half are parents who enjoy playing games with their children.”

This sets them right on the path of becoming the “Netflix of gaming” because they think that with the GeForce Now, they are going to let the 35-ish dads to easily start playing when and where they want while the millenials will be able to get their games quickly.

Thanks, VentureBeat.

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