Best Antivirus Programs That You Should Have In Your System

Here are the best Antivirus programs that you should have in your system: You can never be too careful with the level of protection present inside your computer and while Windows Defender has done a fair job in shielding your machine, there is nothing quite like having an antivirus program. According to AV-TEST, which is responsible for testing out multiple protection applications, we have been able to categorize each and every one of them depending on which area they perform the best. Let us start.

Here are the best Antivirus programs that you should have in your system

Best antivirus for Android security

There are two antivirus programs that fall into this category; Bitdefender Mobile Security and Sophos Mobile Security. Now, we’re not yet through because this award was also split into two subcategories. One was for best app overall performance, which Bitdefender Mobile Security won, while the best app protection features went to Sophos Mobile Security.

Best antivirus for repairing tools

Just like the first antivirus, this one was also divided into two sub-categories. The award for the best repair operations for tools built into security products went to Avira Antivirus Pro, while the second award, which was the best standalone repair and cleaning tools went to Virus Removal Tool.

Best antivirus for performance

Antivirus programs can consume a lot of system resources, and if your computer does not feature an impressive configuration, it will result in severe performance reduction. For this award, tests were carried in showing which program would have the least impact on a Windows PC. In the consumer class, the award was a tie between Bitdefender Internet Security and Kaspersky Internet Security while, while on an enterprise level, the award was given to Bitdefender’s Endpoint Security.

Best antivirus for usability

Apart from delivering less strain to the computer, a user-friendly interface also needs to be taken into regard, to which Avira Antivirus Pro and Kaspersky Internet Security won the awards for the consumer class. On the enterprise level however, the award was snagged by Intel Security’s McAfee Endpoint Security.

Best antivirus for overall protection

For the consumer and enterprise class, Symantec was the clear winner, with its Norton Security antivirus, which grabbed the best-in-class title in the consumer class while the company’s Endpoint Protection took the title in the corporate category.

Make your choice wisely and invest in these antivirus programs, and you will never have to deal with malicious programs in the future.

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